Subscribers , Opt-Ins And Calling Out Viewers : How Video Marketers Are Using Big Analysis For Big Changes

Subscribers , Opt-Ins And Calling Out Viewers : How Video Marketers Are Using Big Analysis For Big Changes

A video is not traditionally an interactive experience, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying. Web marketers, in particular, have been recently deploying strategies that enhance the interaction in a video. Film is usually a passive experience. There is an emotional connection made, but there is no clear action required by a viewer to get the "full experience."

Web marketing is different with how it is reaching its market. Quite fairly, that assertion makes sense. A video with a marketing purpose should be anticipating the next step. What is a viewer being prompted to do? What is the goal?

The subscribe button is a staple of interaction in a corporate film production. It is usually reserved for fun videos, but there is no reason why a company creating corporate content should dismiss it. It could encourage a follower base, build a connection with a potential hire, and help bridge new relationships. Smart companies are using subscribers for more ways than what YouTube entails. YouTube user making funny parody videos have subscribers. Why can’t corporate entities have their own version of a subscriber for brand growth?

Annotations on YouTube are another popular method. The strategy as a whole is a little dated. It can also be easily abused, and annotations have kind of become a satirical version of what it means to create interaction in the video. Interaction is still passive. For example, a viewer is taking an action after watching the video. So the video itself is a passive experience. But, there is a not-so-subtle nod on what they can do next to interact further.

informational Video Production Brisbane and opt-ins are a natural extension of interaction. It is about keeping the line of communication open. Every video has a purpose. There is always an option for what a viewer can do during the video and what they can do in the moments following its viewing. The strategy may seem excessive. But, for a millennial, it may be the only strategy that makes any sense.

A lot can be written about this topic. The above has only scratched the surface of Video Production in Brisbane. But, with some insight and proactive willingness to change, marketers of all kinds are evolving their own strategies. Visit for a more detailed dissection of video interaction. When is it best to create an open interaction and a line of communication? Is a static and straightforward video more appropriate for the situation?